The chemical equilibrium

Phases       Qualitative approach to chemical equilibrium       Quantitative approach to chemical equilibrium       Law of mass action (Guldberg and Waage)       Law of pressures       Equilibrium calculations (tutorial)       Homogeneous equilibria in liquid phase (exercises)       Homogeneous equilibria in gas phase (exercises)       One substance dissolved in two phases       One substance dissolved in two phases (animation)       Solubility product      Solubility product (animation)       Solubility product (tutorial)       Solubility product (exercises)       Saturation vapour pressure       Saturation vapour pressure (animation)       Theory of heterogeneous equilibrium       Example of heterogeneous equilibrium: Humidity of air       Heterogeneous equilibria (exercises)       Displacement of equilibrium (comparaison)       Displacement of equilibrium: an example       Displacement of equilibrium: Le Châtelier and Van't Hoff's general law       Displacement of equilibrium: (chromate/dichromate)       Displacement of equilibrium: (complexes of cobalt)       Displacement of equilibrium: (ironIII and thiocyanate)       Displacement of equilibrium (exercices)