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      Interactive periodic table with the physical properties of the elementary substances
      Chemical calculator with automatic calculation of the molar mass of substances
      Molar mass of a substance from its formula (ionic or not)
      Mass percent of the components of a substance from its formula (ionic or not)
      Instructions for dilutions of common mineral reagents (sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ammonia)
      Balancing a chemical equation from formulas of reactants and products (ionic or nonionic)
      Unitjuggler: The reference to convert units.
      Table of acid-base couples acid-base with pKa values
      Table of redox couples with E0 values
      Table of solubility of ionic substances
      Organic molecules (Interactive model)
      Thermal capacities by weight
      Formation enthalpies
      Bond energies
      Electronic Structures
      Titration curves by the approximate method
      pH values by the rigorous method
      Quadratic equation
      Equation of the third degree
      Mass spectra and molecular fragments
      Infrared spectra and bands
      Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra and chemical shifts