The chemical bonds

Noble Gases           Simple ions           The ionic bond           The covalent bond           Exercises about covalent bonds       The metal bonding           Ions           Presentation of ionic substances           The solubility of ionic substances           Exercises about formulas and solubility of ionic substances           Table of solubilities           Table of electronegativities           Electronegativity and type of bonds           The Lewis model of the covalent bond           The Lewis model of the dative bond           The Lewis model and formal charges;         The dative bond: Establish structures           The dative bond: Correct structures           Covalent bonding: Establish structures of molecules           Covalent bonding: Establish ion structures           Covalent bonding: Correct molecule structures;         Covalent bonding: Correct ion structures           The metallic bond: Properties of metals           Introduction to molecular Orbitals           The size of ions           Ionic lattices           Cesium chloride and sodium chloride lattices          The number of coordination in the sodium chloride lattice           Calculations on cesium chloride unit cell          Calculations on sodium chloride unit cell           Formation of an ionic compound (animation)