Chemical substances: Elementary substances and compounds

Elementary substances

Elementary substances           H2 Hydrogen (video)           Reduction of iron(III) oxide by the hydrogen           Reduction of copper(II) oxide by the hydrogen           Reductions of hydrogen by metal oxides          Production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water           Fe Formation of rust from iron           P4 The discovery of phosphorus (alchemy)           O2 Carbon combustion reaction in O2          White phosphorus combustion reaction in O2          Sulfur combustion reaction in O2          Sodium combustion reaction in O2          Magnesium combustion reaction in O2          Combustion reactions of non-metals in O2(video)           Metal combustion reaction in O2(video)           Oxidations of metals and non-metals by oxygen           Establish combustion equations;         Production of oxygen by electrolysis of water           C The carbon allotropes: diamond and graphite           Other elementary substances Some common non-metals           Some common metals          

The compounds

The compounds: Names and formulas valences           The compounds: Names and formulas valences (exercises)           HCl Preparation and properties of hydrochloric gas           Preparation and properties of hydrochloric acid           H2O Water           Organic substances Organic substances           Other compounds The blast furnace: reduction of iron oxide           Rust: iron oxidation           The reactions of acids (exercises)           The reactions of acids           Description of some common acids: hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric acid         

Physical Properties

The thermal agitation in a non-metal (animation)           Evaporation (animation)           Diffusion (animation)          

Their atoms

Substances: Physical properties           Substances: Arrangement of atoms           Conventional colors of atoms           The periodic table           The simplified periodic table