The structure of the atom - Elementary particles

Calculation of the diameter of an atom      Electric charges      Electric charges (video)      Crookes's experiment      The discovery of the electron      The discovery of the electron: Perrin and Thomson      Determination of electron charge and mass: R.A. Millikan      Radioactivity       Radioactivity (video)      Rutherford's experiment(video)      Rutherford's experiment (images)      Calculation of the diameter of the nucleus: Interpretation of Rutherford's experiment      The discovery of the atom structure: Interpretation of Rutherford's experiment      Potential and kinetic energy (animation)      Electron layers in Bohr's model      Wilson's chamber (video)      Visualisation of fundamental particles: Wilson's chamber      The discovery of the proton: Rutherford (animation)      The discovery of the neutron: Chadwick (animation)      The atomic nucleus      Calculating with elementary particles: protons, neutrons and electrons      Structure of atoms: protons, neutrons and electrons      Isotopes      Radioactivity (animation)      The effects of radioactivity      Nuclear fission(video)      Nuclear fission (animation)      The A atomic bomb      The nuclear reactor      The iodine 131 from Tchernobyl      The desaster of Fukushima      Nuclear fusion       The periodic table      A simplified periodic table