Nomenclature in organic chemistry

Representations of organic molecules         . Models of organic molecules           Hydrocarbon nomenclature           The hydrocarbons nomenclature: Progressive Exercises       The nomenclature of branched alkanes: examples           The nomenclature of branched hydrocarbons: Exercises Cyclic hydrocarbon nomenclature: examples           The alkene and alkyne nomenclature: examples         Nomenclature of organic functions         The nomenclature of halogenated derivatives: examples         Alcohol nomenclature: examples       Ethers nomenclature: examples       The nomenclature of aldehydes and ketones: examples           The nomenclature of carboxylic acids: examples           The nomenclature of organic functions (one function): exercises     The nomenclature of organic functions ( multiple functions): Progressive exercises     Amine nomenclature           Amine nomenclature: examples     The amino acid nomenclature: examples           Common names of common organic molecules     Numbering the main chain in the presence of functions     Organic nomenclature: Overall exercises The nomenclature of cis-trans isomers (Z-E)       The nomenclature of stereoisomers (R-S)           The nomenclature of stereoisomers (D-L)