In the following multiple choice test, we often abbreviate $ H_3O^+ $ by $ H^+ $ (Which is actually false, indeed, $ H^+ $ is always fully hydrated in water!)

Which of the following is NOT a strong acid ?

a) $HCl$ b) $HSO_4^-$ c) $HNO_3$ d) $H_2SO_4$

For answers, use (possibly several times) the arrows ↑ Down! and ↓ Up! Complete please this question before moving on to the next one!

b) is correct , $HSO_4^-$ is not a strong acid

Write a list of common strong acids!

$HCl$ chlorhydric acid, $HBr$ bromhydric acid, $HI$ iodhydric acid, $HNO_3$ nitric acid, $H_2SO_4$ sulfuric acid, $HClO_4$ perchloric acid ...